Services & Prices

Dog Walking

Dog walking groups are small and carefully selected to be well matched in terms of personalities and activity levels. I believe this is consistent with providing a bespoke and responsive service, with safety as a priority. Vehicles have air conditioning and individual crates to promote travel comfort and safety. We enjoy adventures exploring a variety of local woods and parks, with different locations each day of the week.

Solo walks are sometimes available for dogs who prefer their own company. 'One to one' attention and training can be given here, using my knowledge of canine behaviour to assess and help address any behaviour issues.

Group walk: - £15 for 1 hour

Individual walk: - £40 per hour

Puppy Visits

These visits include feeding, seeing to any accidents and lots of playtime! I will provide support and advice to ensure your puppy becomes toilet trained at the earliest opportunity. It is essential that your puppy is carefully socialised with correct exposure to a variety of experiences. My positive training approach and techniques will help your pup develop into a happy and well behaved adult. I offer ongoing support throughout this process, taking time to help teach your puppy through their formative weeks. The quality and level of input during this period is vital.

Once your puppy has had their vaccinations I can increase their socialisation opportunities, including introductions to some of 'my' doggy role models! As pup matures and is able to be left 'home alone' for longer periods, we will review his or her needs. When your puppy is old enough they are welcome to join a walking group for adventure outings with pals!

£15 per 30 minute visit.

Dog Visits

Ideal for elderly dogs (I think the 'oldies' are extra precious!), or those recovering from illness or injury. Visits include feeding, garden toilet breaks or a short walk if needed, giving prescribed medication and plenty of tender loving care. I like to take time to fully discuss your pet's special needs, and do my best to accommodate changing requirements.

£15 per 30 minute visit. Weekend visits will carry supplements.

Cat Visits

I advise this as the kinder option for cats when their owners are away. Each cat's routine is adhered to as much as possible. This service includes feeding, cleaning litter trays, giving prescribed medication and petting /playtime. Even the shyer and most discerning cat clients have responded well to input. I think this is because approaches are tailored according to each individual pet's personality, and taking the time to get to know each cat. Holiday cover includes some housekeeping jobs if required - watering plants, opening/closing curtains, bringing in post.

£12 per 30 minute weekday visit.

£15 per 30 minute weekend / bank holiday visit. 

Please note: Louise is experienced in diabetic cat care, including home testing and administration of insulin injections. 

Dog Behaviourist Service

Louise holds an advanced diploma in canine behaviour from the British College of Canine Studies. Input is available for a range of issues such as separation anxiety, pulling on lead, jumping up, fear and aggression. You can also arrange a short session for tailored advice on your new puppy's needs, supporting you to better understand how to help him/her grow into a happy and well behaved dog. Please ring to discuss your requirements or for a friendly, no obligation chat about the service.

Please see behaviour page for more detail on this service.

£150  Includes a thorough consultation visit of up to 3 hours and a comprehensive behaviour plan.

£70    For a 2 hour new puppy session.