Canine Behaviour Service

I understand what it is like to cope with a difficult puppy going through the 'terrible teens'. Or how it feels to live with a fearful dog which is aggressive towards other dogs. I've been there too, and am committed to getting the best results for you.  I believe it is important that you feel supported as we work together to help you and your dog.  

Problem behaviours with your dog are a source of worry and stress, compromising enjoyment and your relationship with your canine friend. With my input and guidance, many behaviours can be improved or resolved by you. I hold an advanced diploma in canine behaviour, and have many years of experience working with dogs. 

A focus on positive training techniques forms the basis of my methods to change your dog's behaviour. This approach is consistent with your dog being a happier and more willing student! And it means the process of modifying your dog's behaviour can be both enjoyable and effective. I will help you develop a healthy dynamic with your dog which is fundamental to addressing many issues.

Some examples of common problems I can help with are pulling on the leash, jumping up, fear, aggression, separation anxiety and barking. A problem can have many causes.  We will work together to identify the cause, and improve or resolve issues. I like to take time to listen and fully assess all angles - because accurate diagnostics are required for effective solutions. 

The initial consultation will be 3 hours duration. We chat about issues as I assess your dog in the home environment. Then we take a walk together with your dog to assess his / her reactions and responses outdoors. I will give advice and demonstrations on what you can do about identified issues. 

A comprehensive written behaviour modification plan will be formulated for you after the initial visit. This detailed plan will outline problems, causes and the measures required to address them. Follow up home visits may be recommended, and will be available if needed to review your progress and give ongoing support.

Puppy sessions are also available for your new puppy. These will help to prevent common problems, and will get you off to a great start in terms of helping your puppy develop into a happy and well mannered family member. A 2 hour session will include training demonstrations and advice, based on your puppy's breed and personality.

Please ring for a friendly, no obligation chat if you think you may need help. I employ a caring and professional approach. All work is covered by public liability and professional indemnity insurance. 

£150  For an initial 3 hour consultation and a thorough written behaviour plan.

£70  For a 2 hour new puppy consultation.